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Spain is a country of traditions, and even if its also famous for its good weather and mild temperatures, one must not be deceived by the media and exotic pictures of Mallorca and Ibiza, because if you hunt, you will probably have to travel to those parts of Spain where winters are cold, and quite extreme, so you’d better be prepared for the worst.

Photocred: www.gtoutdoors.it

So I have made a list of the things I will take with me on my first hunt in Extremadura, famous for having some stunning small towns such as Guadalupe, and extremely hot summers, but hey, it gets very cold in winter and my inexperience has given me a couple of uncomfortable hunting days alongside my husband where he ended up giving me his jacket so I don’t freeze up.

However I have also made this list with one thing in mind: regardless of it being your first big or small hunt in Spain, you must feel comfortable, and those clothes must keep you warm, yes, but still they have to be very light, because you might have to walk and carry things for the entire day, so here I go with my picks:

UNDERWEAR: If the weather predictions are bad, wear a long sleeve workout shirt from Underarmour. Why? because it is better to be extra warm than cold. Here a link to the ones my husband and I wear:

OVER LAYERS: A shirt according to the type of hunt, for example Laksen has great ones with birds and Alan Paine has a great variety of plaid shirts, but now that we are talking about spain, a good spanish brand for shirts is: Serbal, so here is my pick for my next hunt (and I would always wear it with a pullover on top:


I recently discovered one of the most versatile brands I have in my wardrobe. I use it when I shoot in Sweden during winter as well as when I come back to hunt in Spain. GT Outdoors has a fantastic hunting jacket called The Winter Jacket. It is thermal, water repellent and wind proof, but the best part is its detachable game bag. It has an ammo pouch inside the pocket.

I bought it recently during the black friday promotion they have on the website (click here)


If you are like me, who cared much about the looks but most importantly, cares about being warm, then you can match this jacket with the winter pants which have a super promo during the black friday week (from the 22nd to the 29th November):

I hope you all are a bit more prepared for your next hunt!




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